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AK Entertainment, subsidiaries Apollo Productions /  AAR Digital LLC and Spartan Metallurgical Company, are Management Consulting and  Leadership companies involved in supporting Private Parties, Governmental Organizations, and Non Profit Entities.  We partner with the best and brightest top leaders and innovators to find cost effective team-based solutions to help develop, deliver and expand our customers outreach.  Every mission we take on as a challenge is specific, that’s why we don’t focus on just a one team approach, but build the exact group of talent to get the job done with on time delivery and maximum effectiveness. This method of ‘moving motion’ and creating contractor teams often leads to creative and  valuable growth opportunities and increased efficiency and profitability. We use the latest and greatest pivotal resources to reach a multitude of demographics targeting the needs at the lowest cost per customer often resulting in a whole solution approach to retain client interest for future return of investment(S). Connecting socially with over twenty nine million affiliates and top contacts in Television, Multimedia, Advertising and Internet we help you reach your contract goals quickly.

We take great pride in providing the winning strategies that  helps people get to where they need to be economically, demographically, financially and personally with the least amount of stress and greatest amount of comfort and reliability. We work with the smallest or largest budgets to create a safety net of success to make sure that negative publicity or product identity does not emerge, and use creative concepts and top connections in the High Tech Engineering, Cable and Satellite Television, Motion Pictures, Advertising, New Pivotal Artificial Intelligence, and other On-line Internet and Emerging Industries to promote and accomplish your outreach goals. We always focus on the latest and greatest technology with strong California business ties in Silicon Valley, Sacramento and Los Angeles.  With over One Trillion Dollars in contract wins and executions of unparalleled success, we stand ready to offer our services and product innovations to you and your company, organization and causes. At AK Entertainment we deliver on time and at budget. Always. With a 100 % track record of unmatched contractual success.

Having produced over 400 videos, movies, industrials and commercials, we have the expertise to get the media message you need to make a major impact on your business success. Our graphic artists stand ready to help get the image for your promotion…or marketing program. Our distributors are ready to get the demographic content to the right mix of customers.

We thank you immensely for your interest in our family of companies and consultants, standing ready to serve you needs with  constructive ideas. You are the boss, we only provide the means to expand and make you a winner through and through, day to day.

Respectfully yours,

Alexander Kanellakos, Owner and Founder

AK Entertainment (SMC / APOLLO / AAR )


Main Media Ops (APOLLO / AAR):

Video Production / Film Studios (ZZ)

Sound Stage / Recordings (Z1)

Engineering / Management (Z2)

Animation / Advertising (P1)

Promotions / Gaming (P2)

Future Construct Ops (SMC):

Museum  Magazine LLC (MM)

Railroader Development (RR)

High Technologies (SHARKnet)

Alexander “Al” Kanellakos SUBSIDIARIES